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Wooden shoe be my Valentine?

Wooden shoe be mine?Don’t you love those old school Valentines? Well, we do. Especially those with Dutch folkloric illustrations and, how could it be otherwise, wooden shoes. DutchWoodenShoes.net wishes you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!

More vintage Dutch Valentine cards can be seen at vintagevalentinemuseum.com

Wooden Shoelettos!

wooden-shoelettosWho would have thought that wooden shoes would actually make their mark on the catwalk?! For their 2007 fall collection Dutch fashion designers Viktor and Rolf found inspiration in typical Dutch traditions as folkroric costumes, Delftware and, of course, wooden shoes. These high heeled wooden shoes were the result of their effort to take an authentic folk object and make it sexy.

More images available at virtualshoemuseum.com

”In Our Little Wooden Shoes”

Shirley TempleThis one is just a cute, fun, blast from the past. It’s everyone’s favorite, Shirley Temple, from her classic film Heidi, 1937. In this scene reading with grandfather (Jean Hersholt), then imagining to “In Our Little Wooden Shoes”, a ditty about a little Dutch girl with magic wooden shoes (by Lew Pollack and Sidney D. Mitchell).

Sailing, sailing

Fluffy wooden shoe“Sailing, sailing over the bounding main
Where many a stormy wind shall blow
‘Ere Jack comes home again.”

It is always nice to see wooden shoes used as inspiration for crafty pastime. Today we found this cute wooden shoe made out of felt. Originally, this fluffy clog wasn’t meant as a boat, but as a cradle holding carrots for Sinterklaas’ horse. But look what these sailors, an anchor and a lifebuoy can do☺. More images and patterns are available at septemberspring.nl.