Other use

Next to serving as footgear, wooden shoes take in plenty of other purposes. This page presents a pick of those alternative appliances, varying from kids toys to flower pots to accessories. And whilst some applications stem from bygone days, are others actually quite contemporary. Come take a look and be inspired!


Smells like.. flowers!

Although wooden shoes rarely have an odor, some people actually employ them to make the air smell nice. That is, wooden shoes suit well as flower pots. Read more…


Catching coins!

Another avail of a wooden shoe is performing as a bucket for collecting bridge fees. Combined with a stick and a bit of rope an infant’s wooden shoe makes sort of a fishing rod. Read more…


Wooden shoe ahoy!

Perhaps the most gratifying haven of your old wooden shoes is to rig them up as a sailing ship. Using the wooden shoe as a hull, all it needs is the assembly of a rudder, a keel, a mast, a set of sails and additional rigging to make it float and sail. A wonderful sight! Read more…